About Velvedene

Velvedene came together in 2003, and we are based in Melbourne, Australia. We are also now on SPOTIFY!

Review of “Carpet Bomb”
“Carpet Bomb! My most rewarding listening experience so far this year. Here is an album that with its ebb and flow and distinctive atmosphere I found to be immediately engaging. An incessant tight strong drum beat greets you front and center. Utterly appealing guitars riffs waft in from the left and right channels. Lead vocals are hushed and subdued yet firm. Steady, strumming passages languidly roll by only to be beautifully punctuated by lead guitar, accordion, piano or sax. High echoing background vocals reaffirm chorus lines and add to the atmospherics. Emerging from underneath this beautifully arranged sound is an air of tragedy. Moods darken at times and lyrics have a barbed edge to them. Fear not though because here the tragedy is not the all absorbing “Alt. Country” kind. Here one becomes a detached observer skirting things like the “heat, blood and sweat of a car crash” (Track 7). The rhythms remain steady, they tranquilize and keep the heart rate in check. The mood stays …cool. Here is some “Alt. Rock” of the “Cool Tragedy” kind. Dave Stoeckel SA Roots/Blues