Marry Me Gina!

I know, I’ve been very slack with the blogs. I’ve just finished a tune called “Marry Me Gina” which started as a bit fun, inspired by watching an episode of
Q & A on the ABC, where the topic of discussion was Gina Rinehart. I discovered the name Gina is actually a really nice to sing, and almost has a sense of yearning to it,
hence the chorus line. So as a song, I think it’s grown to include all those Gina’s out there, though a few of the original lyric ideas have snuck through!
It is available for download from the music page, with 50% of proceeds donated to OXFAM. It will also be up on iTunes very soon, again donating 50% to OXFAM. Special thanks to Joe at Crystal Mastering in Thornbury for doing a great job with it for a good cause. Have a listen on the playlist. Also, a video is on the way. JB

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